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Rachael Ray is Not a Good Pit Bull Advocate!

Wow. I’m horrified to see an article on Rachael Ray in Cesar’s Way magazine. She’s a horrible Pit Bull owner! Last year, her dog Isaboo ripped another dog’s ear off. It wasn’t her first dog attack. Ray doesn’t even seem to understand the basic concept that dog-aggressive dogs aren’t necessarily human-aggressive; she’s expressed fears her dog will attack someone, based on its behavior with other dogs.

My mom got me a subscription to Cesar Millan’s magazine, and it’s been very disappointing. I like Cesar, and I know he doesn’t write the articles… But I was annoyed at his “get over Michael Vick” attitude, and I wasn’t too fond of an article in one magazine that said vegetarian diets were healthy for dogs, either.

Let’s just say I won’t be renewing the subscription!

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  1. irejectyour-reality said: I hate Cesar Millan. I also now hate Rachael Ray. Wow.
  2. lifeafterpitbull posted this
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